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Top 5 Favorite Construx Designs

1. A212 Mobile Command Fortress

2. A133 Mobile Outpost

3. Stinger Class Starfighter

4. Protector

5. I.S.C. Odysseus


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Welcome To My Custom Gallery

Construx was a snap together erector system manufactured by Fisher Price from 1983 to 1988. Mattel later obtained the rights to Construx and gave the system a short and uninspired rebirth in 1997. Most people remember K'nex, Legos, and even Capsella better, presumably because they were backed by stronger commercials and their kits had more creative designs, but over the long run, I've discovered that Construx had, by far, the most potential of any erector system ever manufactured (as this site will hopefully prove!).

I've been a fan of Construx since I was four year old. To this day, I still pull out the old Construx sets to create custom playsets and vehicles for various action figure toy lines, from Star Wars and Star Trek to G.I. Joe and DC/Marvel Superheroes. Below are some of my experiments and custom designs, dating back to 2003.

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Interstellar Carrier Argos
My triumphant return to Construx designs after five years away!.




Launch Base Omega
A simple tweaking of Blue Station 5 to resemble the G.I Joe Cobra Terrordrome.


Blue Station 5
A playset built around a playset.




I.S.F. Sulaco
A significant expansion of the I.S.F. Nostromo.


X Interceptor
A compact construx version of a Star Wars TIE Interceptor.


I.S.F. Nostromo
An interstellar freighter using a top-access design approach.


A133 Mobile Outpost
A three story vehicle designed to carry a crew through the roughest of hostile conditions for weeks at a time.




A212 Mobile Command Fortresss
The latest in my classic A200 Mobile Fortress series, this time standing over 3.5' tall and explored via an original graphic web-novel.




I.S.C. Agincourt
A larger intersteller carrier containing three sub levels and capable of holding up to twelve jets.


I.S.C. Invader
An intersteller carrier with a working jet elevator deck.


I.S.C. Liberty
A small, long-distance intersteller craft for two


Axxx Marauder
A hybrid vehicle blending several old fortress designs.


A211 Mobile Command Fortress
The newest re-imagining of my classic A200 series mobile fortress.


A112 Elite Mobile Explorer
A significant retool on the A111 design, this time with a shuttle bay.


A111 Elite Mobile Battle Station
A smaller-scale adaptation of my classic mobile fortress design.


I.S.C. Odysseus
An inter-stellar craft that converts into a playset.



Star Base 4
A simple star base with an enormous docking bay.


Outpost 3
A seedy outpost at the edge of the galaxy.


Federation Shuttlecraft Vasquez
A better Shuttlecraft for the classic Playmates toyline.


A210 Mobile Command Fortress
The latest incarnation of my favorite Construx design: A 3.5' tall fortress on wheels!


X-1 Speed Bike
An update on my standard construx motorcycle built for speed.


X-2 Assault Bike
A slower, heavily armed motorcycle.


X-3 Laser Bike
A heavily armored, moderately armed motorcycle.


Cuyahoga Class Interceptor
A one person interceptor to be used with the A210 Mobile Command Center.


Stinger Class Star Fighter
A combination of the Cicada Class Star Cruiser and Star Wars TIE vehicles.


Cicada Class Star Cruiser
A small, one person spacecraft for 3.75" figures.


MP-2 Battlesuit
A giant battlesuit that can be piloted by any 3.75" action figure.


Echo 1 Mobile Outpost
A transformable mobile playset.


"Mule" Cab Module
Fits four 3.75" action figures.


A209-R Mobile Command Fortress (Refit)
An enhanced version of the A209 design.


The Robin Cycle
For the trendy 5" tall sidekick.


A209 Mobile Command Fortress
A 2.5' tall fortress on wheels!



A whacky space vehicle.


Another whacky space vehicle.


Whackiness takes to the skies.


A208 Mobile Command Fortress (REFIT)
An update on the A208 design.


Cobra Space Outpost Viper
A space fortress featuring a secret command center.


Starship Dauntless
A five man spaceship for 3.75" action figures.


Enterprise D
The classic Star Trek vehicle in Construx form.


An enormous robot that can be piloted by 3.75" to 5" action figures.


MP-1 Battle Suit
A battlesuit that can be piloted by 3.75" action figures.


Combat Bike
A motorcycle with flip-out weapons.


A208 Mobile Command Fortress
An update of the classic original A207 design.


Secret Loft Headquarters
One part research lab, one part secret lair.


Imperial Death Star
My own take on the legendary Star Wars setting.


Castle Von Doom
An elaborate playset for 5" action figures.


Wayne Manor / Batcave
...with a secret Batcave beneath!


Justice Cruiser
A vehicle for your 5" action figures.


Lexcorp Laboratories
A variation on the Command Tower playset.


Speed Cycle
My first attempt to build a motorcycle.


Command Tower
An enormous playset for 3.75" to 5" action figures.


Cobra Relay Fortress
One of my favorite playsets from the early days!


Mecha Transport
An unusual combination of Star Trek and giant robots.


Federation Shuttlecraft Yangtze
A Star Trek inspired shuttlecraft.



U.S.S. Neon Pig
A variety of set designs for my old webcomic.



Rebel Defense Tower
A playset centered around a working elevator.


Imperial LBNV Warp Wagon
A semi-transformable vehicle for 3.75" action figures.


A207 Mobile Command Fortress
The first incarnation of my favorite construx design of all time!



All designs copyright 2003-2012