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Axxx Marauder
Last Updated March 2011

A mobile fortress with no call number, the Marauder is actually an unsanctioned hybrid mixture of so many parts, designs, and styles, that it's impossible to say whether its rogue builders pirated and grafted on various pieces of plundered fortresses or simply copied illegally obtained design schematics from various sources. Either way, it's a rogue fortress that borrows from both the original A207 Mobile Command Fortress and the somewhat more recent A111 Elite Mobile Battle Station. The project began as an attempt to use spare parts to rebuild the original A207, but I got bored of that idea and kept tweaking. I wanted to avoid creating a less adequate copy of the A211 (the current watermark of my designs), so I decided to stay lower tech (no turbolifts, for example), and see what I could do.


A newer, simplified entrance to the fortress.


The inside, from a distance.


The command level. It's a blending of the A207/A208 command center (stations connected directly to Captain's chair) and the A209/A210/A211 command center (the Captain's chair, itself). Please also note the bunks that have been added to the left-hand side.


A new solution to moving between floors. The A207 used ladders, as well, but their locations would not have worked with this design. I think these ladders look a lot more like the riggings of a pirate ship too.


Second floor, engineering. Just as in the A207, the transporter pads are wired directly into the engineering hub. Instead of using one central engine, The Marauder seems to be operating on a system of redundant sub engines. They can't be generating as much power from that.


The second floor work stations. These feel similar to the layout and design of the A111. Also note the bunk right behind it. A vehicle of this size manages crew quarters by littering them throughout the fortress and putting them anywhere they can. It doesn't make for good sleep or privacy, but it's better than nothing.


The Marauder vs. The A112.