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Lexcorp Laboratories
Last Updated November 2006

Lexcorp Laboratories is a retooling of the previous Command Tower playset. While the Command Tower looked impressive, it was simply too large and didn't have enough interesting "play spaces" for a compelling setting. This variation was originally concieved as the Baxter Building for the 1990s Marvel Superheroes Fantastic Four figures, but a headquarters for Lex Luthor was much more deserving of the space. In addition to a laboratory setting (crucial for any good sci-fi story), there's a need for a secret detention level and a board room - a variety of interesting settings for a compelling villain with his hands in everything.

The most significant variations to this playset have occured on the former command level (now the main laboratory), the top floor (formerly an airplane hangar - now a roof with escape pods), and the lowest level (once the poorly executed holodeck - now a board room/office and reception area). The second level is largely unchanged.

The main laboratory, and the central focus of the playset. The lab is split into two levels, with the upper floor devoted to research, design, data cataloging, and project oversight. the lower level is where bold new experiments are actually executed and observed.


Luthor at his oversight platform. Behind him are a variety of computer ports and information displays. To the left is Luthor's experimental containment unit (for exceptionally hazardous lab materials). The vault can also double as a secure storage facility for valuable projects.


Let's open the heavy, magnetically sealed door to see what Luthor keeps in there these days.


Did I neglect to mention that another (more important) function of the unit is to effectively contain Superman and neutralize his powers?


Here's an exciting project being tested on the floor - a centrifugal matter transporter.


Why is the lab intern always the one that has to get in first?


The unit actually rotates 360 degrees (and, no, it doesn't collide with the second floor platform).


Here's a standard on the lab floor - an operating chair for genetic alteration and analysis.


Our intern steps into the chair as restraints swing up to his sides.


Our intern is now fully restrained. The chair tilts back and rotates, allowing technicians to approach the subject from any variety of angles. The rotating platform at the base of the chair is designed to offset upper body weight on most action figures so that the chair does not wobble.


This is the second floor (security level). From the airshaft, bunks for security personel are visable. A security force field is also present directly ahead. This is identical to the layout for this level in the Command Tower. To see how the force fields open, check that page.


Beyond the force field is the detention facility. Trouble-makers are held in the cell with state of the art laser security fields that can be retracted in order to allow prisoners in and out of the cell. Should the prisoner escape and take out the on-duty security personel, he/she will still be stuck behind the force-field, unable to escape from the room.


Batgirl doesn't seem to mind the attention.


The lower level. This is the reception area for Lex's personal guests and business partners. Just beyond those double doors ahead lie his office.


Lex's office.


"Hmmm. Perhaps the others should be brought in to discuss this matter."


The office easily converts into a boardroom for criminal masterminds.


At the end of a long day, Lex retires to the roof level.


Here, he charters one of two personal transports to take him home.


It's a tight fit, but it's also a state of the art balance between armored security and aerodynamic maneuverability.


See you later, Lex.



Modification 11/11/06: Brainiac Takes Over!


The sophisticated computers at Lexcorp Labs have warrented the attention of Brainiac!


With a few modifications, he's managed to plug himself directly into the laboratory computers.


Now he can store more television programs than any Tivo system currently on the market.