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A208 Mobile Command Fortress (REFIT)
Last Updated December 2009

This design is a refit of the A208 Mobile Command Fortress, as well as a re-imagining of the earlier A207 Mobile Command Fortress.
For a shot-by-shot comparison of the three fortresses, click here.

Ever since I added a second floor to the old A207 sometime in 1993, I've been looking for a way to add a third. With the original A207, the problem was a lack of parts. By the time I got around to building the A208, the issue was space and lighting. There was no way to create a full third floor without making the second floor dark and cramped. I'm not sure why it took me this long to find a solution, but what we finally have here is an A208 with a non-intrusive third floor, as well as some significant revisions to the third floor wing rooms.


The exterior of the newly refit A208. It's a lot blockier, but I think it works. The front "nose" looks less awkward now, and the whole thing looks more solid and durable.


The new third floor from a distance. It's almost exactly as short as the old roof so as not to impede upon the second floor's light and space. The entire playset still feels very open.


A closer look. I really like that the third floor turbolifts seem to finally have a real place in this set now.


This is a sort of recreation area for the crew, which I always felt would be necessary in such a cramped fortress. Two revolving chairs can face each other for relaxing conversation or can look out at the giant view windows behind them. There are also two food replicators, one on each side of the level. If we are to follow the Star Trek: The NEXT Generation inspired theme that guided most of my efforts in re-imagining the A208, then think of this as Ten Forward.


I've also revised the old conference room for practical purposes. The chairs were not only too crowded, but they also weighed down the floor too much, even with the additional support I'd given it. I've now consolidated the captain's quarters and conference room into one space with a desk and chair for the captain, as well as plenty of room for other crew members to stand around the desk and discuss the pressing issue of the day.


The third floor right wing has converted back into the Captain's personal quarters, only this time he gets a bed, as well as a chair.

All in all, I can't really call this a new design since two thirds of it are still the old A208, but I felt enough had changed to warrant classifying it as a "refit."