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A133 Mobile Outpost
Last Updated March 2013

An expansion of the previous A112 Elite Mobile Command Explorer in order to provide more science/engineering stations, as well as more beds in order to allow full crew rotations so that this vehicle can travel further and remain out in the field longer.


Another angle.


The inside, from afar. A lot has changed from the previous incarnation, though the first floor shuttle bay remains exactly the same.


Probably my favorite aspect of the previous version of this vehicle was the spacious shuttle bay. As a result, it's the only portion of the design that I've left completely unchanged.


The shuttle bay door opens.


And the shuttle flies right out from behind the deflector array.


A somewhat more spacious command section, complete with captain's chair, ops/tactical station, and helm, as well as a second floor catwalk.


A closer view of the Ops/command area.


To the left of Ops, a science station, as well as a manhole leading to an off-duty crewman's quarters below.  


This is no A200 series fortress, of course. These are far more inexpensive, easily maintained vehicles designed for missions lasting weeks at a time as opposed to months or years, so crew quarters are far more spartan for the sake of preserving space and fuel. A simple mattress can be thrown down here, providing the crewman with space enough to sleep or sit and read. A supply of food rations would be kept down here as well since this vessel has no galley nor food replicators.  


The science station to the right of ops, as well as another passageway leading to another crewman's quarters below.  


Above Ops, right wing. Here we find another science or engineering station, as well as two more bunks for off-duty crew rotation. They lack the privacy of the bunks we saw beneath the previous level, but space is at a premium on a vehicle like this one. Incidentally, you might recognize that these stations are redesigns of stations utilized first on the Axxx Marauder and later recycled into the I.S.C. Liberty. A good design never goes away for good on this site :)  


Opposite side station.  


Of course, the best advantage to having crewman resting off duty above Ops is that, in the case of a security threat, phasers come a-blazin' quite fast.