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A112 Elite Mobile Explorer
Last Updated March 2011

A significant retooling of the A111 for utilization as a more independent vehicle that can take on longer missions and generally spend more time out in the field. In addition to featuring some very crude short-term sleeping quarters, it incorporates basic, automated engineering controls on the command level, allowing the lower level to be utilized as a shuttle bay. In this way, crew members can be rotated out for longer missions.


The deflector array swings down, allowing entrance to the shuttle bay.


The shuttle bay. While the old engineering level was more visually interesting, I'm just a sucker for shuttle bays and find this more fun.


The interior from a distance.


This engineering station hasn't changed much from the A111.


Neither has this one.


The command section, complete with captain's chair, ops/tactical station, and helm.


A significant change to the A112 is this little passageway. You'll find a duplicate on the other side of the second level.


Both lead to crude sleeping quarters for off-duty personnel, once again extending the amount of time this vehicle can remain in the field without returning to home base.