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X Interceptor
Last Updated October 2013

After having completed the Stinger Class Starfighter, a ship designed to closely resemble a Star Wars Advanced TIE Fighter, I began to toy with the idea of doing a TIE Interceptor design, as well. At the same time, I was also on a quest to create a smaller craft that would be more likely to fit inside of some of the larger designs I'd been creating.

I'm not positive that I'm in love with the solution I came up with (though it might just be the camouflage look -- I need more pieces). Still, it's small and resembles what I intended it to resemble.


Front view. Ironically, the wing structure also bears some resemblance to the X Wing design.


Rear view. While I do like the look of that single engine exhaust at the top center, it's actually there for a practical purpose, holding the wings in place whereas they would otherwise move about loosely within the structure's frame.

Though I neglected to take a picture of the inside, the hatch does open out into the cabin without any obstruction. A 3.5" figure can fit in here, though it's a bit cramped.