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Wayne Manor / Batcave
Last Updated March 2007

Wayne Manor is the residence for Bruce Wayne, featuring a grand balcony overlooking the outside, a second floor interior balcony, an ultra modern staircase, a front door, and a mega entertainment system and reclining chair. It also happens to be built atop the three story Batcave, which is yet another retooling of the Command Tower/Lexcorp Laboratories.

The front door, along with outdoor steps leading up to it (which are actually approximately two feet off the ground) due to the underground levels beneath it.


A closer view of the ultra modern staircase and reclining chair. The ultimate in Construx playboy vanity.


Bruce sits down to watch a little football.


I've been wanting to build a Batcave for several years now, but could never come up with a clever enough secret entrance until now.


A gentle pull splits the entertainment center into two revolving pieces.


...revealing a hidden staircase leading downward!  

Reverse angle in which we can see that the mysterious steps lead to an equally mysterious shaft with ropes leading downward. I would have used polls, but I couldn't find any with the right diameter that stretched over three feet in length.


Our hero swings downward.


Welcome to the first sub-floor.


THE BATCAVE, complete with Batcomputers (one for Batman and one for Robin), magnetically sealed vault chamber (for meta human prisoners or dangerous materials), and infirmary/laboratory below. This section is lifted directly from the Lexcorp Laboratories playset from last year. Nothing has been changed as of yet.


Another angle in which the rope shaft is visible.


Sub-level 3 - The Garage. A technical display is visible in the background.


Here's where we keep the Batmobile.


The reinforced door to the Batcave.


The door swings up to allow the Batmobile to deploy.


A simple dental floss string keeps the door open.


A closer look at the Batmobile, which is just a retooled Justice Cruiser. The entire middle section of the Cruiser was removed in order to make the Batmobile fit in this playset.