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Imperial LBNV Warp Wagon
Last Updated October 2003

Another beloved, yet low priority project of mine. The Warp Wagon was first designed in 2002 when I decided that Star Wars needed better ground vehicles. Though it doesn't look at all like a typical Star Wars toy (it has wheels and doesn't vaguely resemble any animal), It's a lot of fun. Again, it uses sparse and mismatched parts, since all the better pieces go to the A207 and even the Rebel Tower first.

The Warp Wagon is the first construx toy I've designed with a transforming componant, which I find quite fun. The idea behind the vehicle is that it's the first land transport capable of utilizing mach and possibly even sublight speeds. It's normally a heavily armored transport, but can transform into a far more vulnerable mode in which it can use powerful and phase-manipulated engines to launch it into another material plane in a straight line at high speeds. The advantage of this is that the wagon is not affected by bumps, friction, or objects in its way while traveling at such high speeds on this other plane. Sophisticated onboard computers determine its course and destination before launch and give it precisely enough push to get where its going and then drop out of its phased travel at the propper destination. Theoretically, it could transport into an enemy base, but a slight miscalculation could result in rematerializing in a wall, or not having enough room to slow down once rematerialized. Furthermore, due to the natural curving of any planetary surface, as well as the fact that gravity would not affect the wagon while phased, the wagon cannot travel too far, or it's straight uninhibbited path would lift it off the ground.

The heavily armored Warp Wagon, with armor and weapons arrays protecting the vulnerable parts of the phase engine, held upward in this mode.


The front of the Wagon opens to reveal the pilot's cockpit/control room. Only a small amount of this space is used for the pilot and his controls. The rest is used for computers and display screens that I don't have the parts to adequately represent, for the moment.


How the pilot gets out.


The rear of the vehicle, which is also well armed. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to protect the phase engines from this angle. Doing so in a normal way would interfere with the transformation. Perhaps the exterior of the engines, themselves, are armored?


Begin the transformation by lifting a beam attached to the engines.


The rear wall falls in order to reveal secondary phase engines, while the primary phase engines drop just above them. A path between the secondary engines allows troops to get in and out of the wagon by lifting the primary engines.


Two beams on top of the secondary engines swing out and attach to the sides of the wagon, stabilizing the structure for launch.


The attack party within the wagon, viewable by lifting the primary engines. Joints in the roof allow it to swing out to make it easier to move figures around in such a confined space, but I forgot to picture this. To the rear and in the center, two of those display consoles swing out to allow the pilot to move into the rear of the wagon. Normally, the two cabins are separated in case of an armor breach while traveling at mach speed.