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Mecha Transport
Last Updated December 2005

A space freighter designed primarily for transporting giant mecha (robots) into battle. This was partially inspired by the mecha transports of classic anime (particularly in the Sentai/Power Rangers genre) and partially by my desire to build a vehicle or two for my Playmates Star Trek figures.

The inside of the transport. Here a mecha is being stored for transport.


The ship's cockpit.


A closer view.


The lower level, largely occupied by the robot's feet.


Aerial view of the control room behind the robot. Engineers in this room monitor and control the robot by remote.


Another view of the control room.


The floor of the control room can swing down to serve as a ladder, allowing access between floors.


Another view of how this happens.


The crew's quarters, beneath the cockpit. There are three bunks on the walls here, as well as a large window facing forward. It's nice for stargazing, but also necessary so that off-duty crew can see an emergency transpiring and will know what to do.


The rear of the freighter.


When the engines are deactived, they can swing off, allowing a tailgate door to open.


The tailgate is open, allowing a robot within to charge into space battle.