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I.S.F. Sulaco
Last Updated November 2013

A significant expansion of the I.S.F. Nostromo, incorporating an off-duty area, a medical bay, an engineering station, and a working shuttle bay door. Both the top-access approach to these sets and the fact that I'm light on parts (keeping several older sets intact for the time being) cause this thing to look a bit sparse from a distance, but it's got it where it counts when you look close.


The front portion of the vehicle is identical to the Nostromo.


However, the rear is substantially different.


Starting with the shuttle bay, I've designed a new means of working a shuttle bay door that doesn't rely on the old hinged joints approach. It's more elegant and garage-door like. Unfortunately, having neither a roof on which to retract nor enough panel pieces to complete the look of the door, this is a rather lackluster sight.


The door in its retracted position. Were an actual roof present, it could slide right on top of it and be level with that surface.


The airlock leading to the rest of the vessel is now in the center of the far wall.


From the other side.


The airlock rotates open.


Directly across is the main engineering station for the entire vessel. Any good sci-fi spaceship needs one of these.


To the left, a small medical bay, complete with bed and multi-jointed scanner.


To the right, an off-duty area where crew can eat or sit back and talk.


A corridor right behind this area leads to the front portions of the ship.


The bridge,


Reverse angle.


Crew's quarters at the fore of the ship.


Brig or private guest's quarters on the aft side of the front section.