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Star Base 4
Last Updated November 2010

On a lot of levels, Star Base 4 is a return to simplicity. Both the A210 Mobile Command Fortress and the aforementioned Outpost 3 had gotten so big and complex that I just felt like building something small and sound. As a result, I cleared house and demolished everything other than the A210 to build this. Call it feng style!

Ultimately, I see this as the kind of structure that could be expanded and developed into numerous other incarnations over time, but I'm also quite satisfied with it the way it is. It's actually already undergone one expansion since I built it last week, but I think I'm okay with where it is for now.


The primary goal in designing this structure was to build a decent shuttle bay, the one thing I couldn't adequately fit into the A210. Sure, it had two small bays where tiny shuttle craft could dock, but the space was confined and unimpressive. This one feels a lot more appropriate and has sufficient space to dock nearly any single or double pilot spaceship toy you can think of, from Cobra Nightravens to Imperial TIE Fighters.


Raised docking stations allow crew members to guide ships in visually, as well as through computer instruments, and to stay out of harms way in the event of a crash.


The pilot makes his way to the elevator.


The elevator runs on a shaft that's almost directly copied from the old Death Star playset, using beams that are too close together at the top and bottom, thus bending around the elevator lever and making for a comfortably snug fit.


Ultimately, the car comes to a secure rest on a protruding blue peg.


This little area contains non-essential controls for much of the station. You could do some damage here, but not much. The heavy security door is likely to be much more interesting to an intruder.


The second floor command center.


The security door, lifted directly from Outpost 3, begins to open.


The pilot is in.


Another view of the command center. It's always hard to come up with new layouts for a command area. So much of this is borrowed from Outpost 3 and Space Outpost Viper, but I thought the raised Commander's station was a unique twist that did enough to set this one apart.


The pilot climbs a ladder and addresses the commander on duty.


Hidden behind the security door are beds for on-call officers. Should an emergency occur, there need to be crew members available with quick access to the bridge (and preferably safely hidden from any intruders who might break through that security door).