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Federation Shuttlecraft Yangtze
Last Updated October 2004

Playmates never did a very good job of creating a shuttlecraft for it's Star Trek figures. This is a bare-boned attempt to create a shuttlecraft in the style of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Numerous Shuttlecraft were shown on the show throughout its seven year run. This is similar to the smaller crafts used in the second season (primarily the El Baz). All shuttlecraft in the world of TNG are named after rivers, so this is the Yangtze.

The Shuttle from afar. Most of my "filler" pieces are being used on higher priority projects at the moment, so this is just a skeleton.


Profile view of the shuttle (open on one side and the ceiling to allow more room for play). Behind the pilot's chair are two replicators and a storage area.


The rear opens to allow transportation of cargo in and out of the shuttle.