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Last Updated January 2009

Protector is a giant robot/exo suit designed to hold a pilot anywhere from 3.75" to 5" inches in scale. He features 9 points of articulation. He also likes to crush things. Don't be fooled by the name. Beneath the benevolent facade is the latest word in urban terrorism.


Protector shows off some of his articulation while taking down an opponent.



The cockpit. In this case, a 3.75" Infinite Heroes Lex Luthor stands at the controls.


One of Protector's added features is an escape hatch. By pressing down on the pilot, a hatch in the floor is pushed open which ejects the front chest piece and then drops the pilot straight down through the cockpit floor. Unfortunately, it's quite a fall.


Here's a better look at Protector's claws.


Supergirl's getting an even better view. Note that the claws can interlock to form a fist.


The claws can also spread apart to allow a laser canon to fire through from the arm's interior.


A final touch I enjoy about Protector is that I've finished little interior sections of him so that his internal corridors can be used as play spaces for people attempting to infiltrate and destroy the giant menace. In this case, we're looking inside of his right shoulder.


An emergency override control can be accessed from the ground in case the pilot needs to shut Protector down. Naturally, you'd need the right code to do it.


Modification 12/31/08: Two new points of articulation


Protector now has knees. Check out the new level of poseability!


Knees. What a novel concept...


Here's what the new joints look like. The curved back on the thighs is necessary to allow full range of knee movement.


I prefer the way it looks while standing now.