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I.S.C. Odysseus
Last Updated February 2011

The Inter-Stellar Craft Odysseus is a scientific vessel, designed to accommodate two to six crew members in charting and exploring distant solar systems.

What began as an attempt to update the Echo 1 Mobile Outpost gradually evolved into something bigger. I decided to make it larger, to try having it convert into a headquarters differently, wondered if it made sense to try an air or space vehicle this time, and soon found myself mixing three of my big geeky loves: starships, playsets, and transforming toys. I suppose I drew some influence from the G.I. Joe Defiant Booster ship in designing the Echo 1, and it's satisfying to feel that I surpassed it this time when actually designing a rival space vehicle.


The exterior of the Odysseus.


The flight cabin is, once again, based upon the Mule cab module utilized in the Echo 1, though I have decided to reduce the occupancy to two pilots this time, leaving it more spacious and functional.


The rear of the ship.


One side swings out.


As does the other.


One of our crew members steps out of the cabin and walks past the transporter pad. Like in the Echo 1, I imagine this functioning as a device for boosting an already existing transporter signal on or off the pad. I doubt the Odyssey has the space for the amount of hardware required to generate a transporter beam.


I envisioned this as a stellar mapping station, but I absent-mindedly gave the viewscreen a battle image. I suppose that, when necessary, this station can work as a sort of command station, allowing a crew member to assess the situation from a distance and provide commands to the helm.


The rest of the right hand side includes a work station and a bunk for off-duty crew members.


The left hand side, complete with two work stations, another bunk, a mini sick bay, and a replicator for food, medicine, and parts.


In dire emergencies, the flight cabin can separate from the rest of the ship. When the ship is opened, the cabin is only anchored by two black pieces. Pulling upward will detach it from both.


The flight cabin has its own twin engines and can function as a small craft.