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I.S.F. Nostromo
Last Updated October 2013

A new approach to vehicle/playeset building utilizing a top-access approach. This project began nearly a year ago when I was considering how to build a Starship Enterprise playset (Next Generation version) including all the major areas, as well as corridors connecting it all. I decided that access from above would be the only way to make it work and wondered if it was actually doable. Ultimately, I realized that I simply didn't have the space to do anything that ambitious, but I created the Interstellar Freighter Nostromo as a sort of test case for the top-access approach to playset design (which, to the best of my knowledge, has never been tried by a real toy manufacturer). Thus, this is a smaller freighter vehicle, complete with only the basics (shuttle bay, bridge, crew quarters, and a holding cell/guest quarters).

I'm exceptionally pleased with how the design turned out and may likely consider expanding it in the long term. For the moment, it's utilizing leftover pieces, as I've been reluctant to demolish The A133 Mobile Command Outpost, nor The A212 Mobile Command Fortress, both of which are utilizing the majority of my choice pieces (thus the camouflage carpeting throughout much of this ship).


The closest I've yet come to creating an appropriately scaled shuttle bay, though the ceiling is still far too low (going higher would inhibit access from above). I've yet to design a satisfactory door for the shuttle bay, though I have an idea in mind that I'm likely to try soon.


Our visitor is greeted.


An airlock protecting the rest of the ship from shuttle bay decompression and/or security threats.


I've always enjoyed using such airlocks in the past and was happy to find an excuse to add one here.


How I did it.


Access is obtained.


The left corridor, leading to both the crew quarters at the head of the ship and the command bridge in the middle of the ship.


An overhead view of the non-shuttle bay portions of the ship. Crews quarters are at the head of the ship, the Command Bridge is in the center, the left corridor leads back to the shuttle bay, and the right side of the ship is a private cabin for detainment, guests, or storage.


The Command Bridge.


Reverse angle. I've recycled this viewscreen more times than I can count now.


The crew's quarters are little more than a series of six staggered bunks. Off duty crewmen have a replicator for food in the main corridor, and they are generally expected to spend their free time sitting on their bunks, hanging out in the corridor, or getting exercise in the shuttle bay when it isn't in use.


Another view.


Guest quarters/detainment cell/storage area, complete with private bunk and food replicator. Though I neglected to show it (because there isn't much to see) there is a closed off space behind that far wall, as well as another on the opposite side of the ship, that serve as the restrooms on this ship. Needless to say, I have not yet perfected a construx toilet and sink design yet, so it's just empty space.