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Secret Loft Headquarters
Last Updated February 2008

Sometimes the more practical superhero can't afford a mansion on the outskirts of town or a Fortress of Solitude at the North Pole. It's for that kind of hero that I designed the Secret Loft Headquarters, a place to hang up your cowl and call home right in the heart of the bustling downtown community. The premise I've concocted is that a young scientist of some means has established an independent laboratory and residence in a loft apartment. He has devoted half of the loft to extensive hardware and machinery designed to operate his scientific projects. Of course, in reality, that other half of the apartment is devoted to his secret lifestyle.

I won't claim that this is my most exceptional playset design, but I certainly had fun designing it. I really enjoy constructing elaborate secret passages and distinguishing playsets with unusual shapes. This construction satisfied both of those desires. I really like the sloped look of the half-ceiling.

Here's the upper level of his laboratory/loft. There are two beds built into the wall behind him. Clearly visible are the sloping ceiling as well as yellow panels I've put in to give an impression of overhead lighting.


Our young scientist climbs downstairs to start work. You'll notice that the computer display in the back is half of one of the work stations from the Death Star, and the experiment chamber was pulled almost entirely from Castle Von Doom. I liked both designs too much to abandon them.


The door opens. It's an unexpected colleague. I'm not entirely satisfied with the entrance's look, but I do like the fact that it leaves no gaps between the door and the frame.


A better look at the experimental chamber, which our visitor has come to see. "Does it work yet?"


Impatient to get rid of our intruding friend, the young scientist enters the chamber, himself, to demonstrate.


The door closes, and the machine begins its work.


Here's the wall right behind the chamber. It will become very important in another moment.


A panel in the wall swings open, allowing our scientist to move into the secret adjacent room. Won't our friend's expression be priceless when the chamber opens again and no one is inside of it?


Ah, the secret headquarters. The computer displays came directly from the Death Star playset.


Going up.


Second floor. A comfortable swivel chair allows our hero to monitor two display screens, looking for trouble through various news and satellite sources.

Of course, a costume change is required.

Trouble has been found. Time to get to work.

Good thing he keeps a bike in the attic.

...and a runway.

Look out. You're going to hit that wall.

Unless, you know, there's a secret doorway there or something.

A ramp swings out, allowing him to make a well-practiced jump from the attic to the dark alleyway adjacent to his lab. Kids, don't try this at home.