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I.S.C. Invader
Last Updated November 2011

An intersteller carrier modeled upon traditional aircraft design and scaled to suit Transformers G1 seeker jets and Diaclone pilots.


The heart of this design is the jet elevator deck.


Designing a means for lifting the deck and keeping it steady was enormously complicated. Upon hindsight, I should have threaded the dental floss (yes, that's what I used) through the length of the platform's interior as well its corners in order to keep it from sagging in the middle. As it stands, the platform is lifted by its corners, and the rest of the deck just follows.

There are actually two sets of dental floss running through each corner. One set lifts that corner of the deck, and the other set serves as a track, keeping the deck from moving to the sides while lifting.


Pulling on the bar at the rear of the carrier causes the elevator deck to lift.


The bar can then be held in place by attaching to those two braces beneath it. This keeps the elevator deck up.


The rear of the lower level can store two additional seeker jets.


The front section can hold one more. Perhaps this is a maintenance/repair section.


The control tower area is sparse right now since it's hard to build small enough for the scale of these pilots. I do have an idea for adding a computer command console and may upload pictures of the finished product at a later date.