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Cuyahoga Class Interceptor
Last Updated March 2010

For a long time now, I've been wanting to design my own interceptor aircrafts for use on the A200 series Mobile Command Centers. I'm currently working on adding two small shuttle bays to the current A210 Mobile Command Center, and I specifically designed the Cuyahoga Class interceptor to fit within their space limitations.

Generally, working with Construx encourages one to build big and expand outward, but the challenge with these interceptors was to go in the exact opposite direction and design the most compact air vehicle possible. These small interceptors that fold their wings when docked were far harder to design than one might imagine.

I have decided to name both shuttles after favorite literary offspring since they are smaller vehicles launching from a larger one. The gray one is The Telemachus (from Homer's "The Odyssey,") and the blue one is The Jotoro (from Stan Sakai's legendary comic book "Usagi Yojimbo").


Docked mode. The wings are folded upward in order to take up as little space as possible. Since the propulsion engines are still facing the rear, this mode can also be used for ground hover transportation.


Rear view.


Though designed primarily as an interceptor/fighter jet, Cuyahoga class vessels can also function as transports. The rear area can carry supplies and equipment, or it can even transport a wounded soldier back from the front lines.


Once launched out of a hangar bay, a Cuyahoga class vessel will begin its transformation by having two support beams swing out in order to hold the wings in place.


The wings now fold down onto the support beams.


Ready for battle!