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Blue Station 5
Last Updated April 2014

Tiring a bit of the limitations of construx shapes and angles, I tried something a bit different this time by building around a pre-existing playet (The Justice League Watchtower playset). While it likely won't go down in memory as one of my most elaborate designs, it's a refreshing change of pace that required some pretty creative problem solving.

I envision Blue Station 5 as a secret research facility built around a piece of recovered alien technology for the purpose of unlocking its secrets.


Aerial view.


The command deck.


Left tactical station and viewscreen, and a work deck for getting closer to the upper portions of the recovered artifact, with a medical station beneath it.


Right tactical station and viewscreen, as well as the station ops and database interface.


The artifact is successfully opened/activated.


View from the rear.


The first floor opens up to allow entrance. Not much to look at on this level other than a few computer displays and a support structure keeping the artifact from sagging through the command deck.