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A111-E Elite Mobile Explorer
Last Updated February 2011

A significant retooling of the A111 for utilization as a more versatile, longer term vehicle. While it still lacks crew quarters (which inevitably shortens the length of time it can be out), this mobile fortress features more "design plasticity." The command level utilizes more personnel and less automation, allowing for greater flexibility in mission assignments. While it still has the capacity to serve as a battle station, it's a more well-rounded model that can be adapted to any number of short term assignments.


The interior from a distance.


Engineering level. A few minor aesthetic changes aside, nothing is new here.


The Command Level. Many noticeable differences here, the foremost being the de-emphasis of a main viewscreen. While this dominated the level before, there are now more personnel stations and windows so that they have the option to use their eyes or to pull up electronic displays as needed.


This station hasn't changed. It is now utilized by the engineer to monitor things from the bridge. When necessary, he can climb down to the engineering level to solve a problem, but his presence here allows him greater communication with the rest of the crew and gives him a comfortable chair for longer assignments.


This station is now a back-up station, available to take on any number of purposes if another station is needed, though the default setting is for extensive sensor information. This is now a major corridor for getting to and from the bridge, so there is no chair, and no crew member is stationed here unless the situation specifically requires otherwise.


The new bridge. Spacious, allowing for greater communication between officers, and providing an actual view of what's outside in addition to display screens that can be pulled up as required.